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On Their Mark Kentucky Derby Party Cocktail

Kentucky Derby Bourbon Cocktail – On Their Mark

This beautiful blush colored On Their Mark Kentucky Derby cocktail – has the two essential Derby Party flavors – Maker’s Mark bourbon and mint. You’ll love the fresh lemonade flavor and bright notes. I’m all for tradition, but this new Kentucky Derby Cocktail is worth wagering on.

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Gluten Free Spring Strawberry Salad with Bacon

One of my favorite parts of spring is the reopening of the Farmer’s Market here in town.  It is open year-round, but all the vendors return in April.  In my ‘former life’ I was a vendor at the market, packing up before light some mornings, loading the truck, and scuttling

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Gluten Free Raspberry Jalapeno Vinaigrette

In the last month here in Northern Virginia we have seen mother nature’s bi-polar side.  My daffodils were blooming before the end of February (unusual here) and it was 70 degrees.  This week we had snow, freezing rain and temps in the 20s.  I’m ready for spring and the farmer’s

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Simple Bowtie Party Decor – Spring Entertaining

These are perfect for spring entertaining – everything from Derby parties to Easter and Saint Patrick’s Day, to brunches and baby showers. These cute little cutlery packets are sure to please all your party guests. So, I admit it –  I’m a Pinterest junkie.  Once I’ve done some reading before

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Gluten Free Pancake and Pajamas Sleepover Party

One of the phrases I  heard on Thursday night ALL the time was , “Mom, can ‘so and so’ sleep over?” It was an almost weekly routine in the almost dozen years my girls were pre-teens to teenagers. Usually pancakes were on the menu at least one weekend morning, and

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Welcome 2017, please bring us fresh and new!

Oh how I love Christmas, but with as busy as the end of 2016 has been, I’m ready for a fresh start – new visual scapes, clean surfaces and a little more excercise.  I think that’s why in January we try to put in place so many new habits.  The

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Salt and Pepper Hazelnut Bark

I tried a new version of a chocolate bark since my boyfriend isn’t a huge white chocolate fan.  (See my original post with my Peppermint Bark recipe.) I used brown craft boxes lined with wax paper serving sheets.  I placed a tag on top that says “Hazelnut Bark”.  

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On-trend and fun party decorations boutique party supplies by EnFete
Carey Greene Owner of EnFete boutique party supplies for all your occasions - read all about her

I’ve always loved to throw a good party. But I always knew, it’s not just a party. Whether it’s a birthday, bridal shower, anniversary or baby shower, a special event is just that—truly special.

Hi, I’m Carey! The Owner and Designer behind EnFete. I was bit by the party planning bug at just six-years-old and haven’t looked back ever since. 

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