Confession…shhhh…I have a Dish “Problem”

I think this infatuation came from my mom.  Ok, I know it did.  She has  been a collector of dishes for as long as I can remember.   I remember going with her to pick out a new china cabinet that she was planning to finish herself when I was in grade school.  I remember eagerly awaiting its completion so I could help arrange all the dishes inside.

It stuck.  I got bitten by the collector bug.  And then…I had to divide it all up.

The photo in the header is actually of my former kitchen.  It had TONS of cabinets, because well, I owned 3-4 complete sets of dishes.  My mom collected that Currier and Ives blue pattern for me over years of sifting thru thift shops, garage sales, antique stores and flea markets.  I also owned the brown transferware dishes that I had as a child, and a full set of white ironstone that I had collected in my early years as a young (and thifty) wife.

It’s funny how when faced with the decision of dividing up everything you have gathered – in half (divorce) – how you start to really think about the sentiments (or lack thereof) of what you own.  So, I set forth into my newly single state and a tiny apartment (of nearly 1/5th the size) with ONE set of dishes. 

Ok, well two.  But those don’t count.  It’s the set from my grandmother’s farmhouse, and those stay mostly boxed in archival wrapping.  But I did take them with me. They sat in their archival boxes above my washing machine for almost a year.

But those weren’t my only dishes.  I had dozens and dozens on the walls, used an eclectic set as one would wallpaper boarders around the entire top of my dining room.  Those found their way to new walls, and now grace the dining room walls in my current house.

I did once say, “Well, when my daughters grow up, I can host the wedding reception with all my own china.”  Guess what?  I did!  Two years ago, my daughter was married and I served most of the food on my own collection of plates, platters and cake stands. 

I think this is a love affair that has a happy ending.  It’s survived a divorce and three moves.  Me and dishes – we’re tight.

What do you collect?  Do any of your favorite items seems to be an obsession passed down to you?  I’d love to here about it! Comment below!

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