Eggnog Hacks…and Christmas Bar Cart Styling

Egg Nog Hacks and Bar Cart Styling for the Holidays

Here’s a look at my Christmas bar cart styling complete with egg nog hacks and a corny joke on a letter board.

I laughed out loud when my new bar cart arrived from Wayfair last week boldly stating “Congratulations, you’re now an adult” right on the box.  As a woman with three adult children, that made for a good laugh.  I have always wanted a bar cart, and with all the moving in my life the last 5 years, I kept saying “Nah, when I figure out where I’m really going to live…”  Well, sometimes you have to realize, I AM living right now, right here, and maybe this isn’t where I’ll stay, but I’m a grown-up and I want a bar cart {so there.}  

Christmas bar cart

I thought it would be a versatile cart to use for party styling, and photography… and just in time for holiday entertaining! While my daughter Kate assembled the cart, I gathered the vintage glassware and drink glasses that I wanted to display.

corny christmas joke on letter board

We have beautiful letterboards in the shop, that you can recreate this look with!

I was looking for a good eggnog quote, but I couldn’t resist this ‘mom joke’ when I saw it (keep reading for the punchline.) 

To begin my bar cart styling, I gathered a few bottle brush trees, some fun napkins, and of course a bottle of Dominican rum.  I fell in love with the dark, ok-to-even-sip-neat, rum while we were in the Dominican a few summers ago, and I found this lovely one locally and thought the bottle was beautiful (echoing the lines of the eggnog glasses) as well.  My circa 1950s cocktail shaker was perfect with its bold red checkerboard (shhh, the lid doesn’t even come off anymore, it’s just a pretty thing to look at 😉 ) Below is a paperboard tray stacked with the vintage eggnog glasses, which I’ve had for more years than I can count, and wanted to keep red my central color (repetition helps create a unified look!)

egg nog hacks - Kirk and Sweeney dark rum - to dress up store bought eggnog - eggnog joke no extra cost.

So here are my two hacks to dress up store-bought eggnog:

* 1/2 oz of Dominican or other delicious dark rum ( as in “I’d still drink this without the eggnog”). Shown above is Kirk & Sweeney 12 Year Rum, and has a heavy vanilla note-perfect for eggnog. 

* freshly grated nutmeg.  Yes, there’s such a thing, and if it sounds overly fancy, it’s SUPER easy.  My nutmeg grater stores the nut right on top under a lid, and you can just store them together in your utensil drawer for the whole season.

Now, these two hacks probably won’t ever make eggnog desirable for those who hate it (doesn’t it seem eggnog is like that – lovers or haters, no in-betweens – EVERYONE has an opinion)  but it will make some store-bought eggnog just a little more festive.

Please share these hacks on Pinterest and let me know below if you try the eggnog hacks and what you think of my Christmas bar cart  And yes, tell me how bad the joke is too 🙂

And now to the corny Christmas joke punchline…

an Eggnostic.

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