A Mimosa Bar Brunch – How-To

How To Set Up a Mimosa Bar Floral Accents

A little champagne mixed with tangy juices and fresh fruit and you have an excellent celebratory cocktail. Mimosas are a brunch must-have, and a mimosa bar is the best way to step up your entertaining game for bridal showers, baby showers and that morning after the wedding gathering. Use our How To Setup guide below and our Mimosa bar Printables – for a super easy setup. Not only does a full mimosa spread make for an excellent place for guests to mingle, but it also offers a beautiful focal point to your celebration. Here is a quick how-to for setting up a memorable and gorgeous mimosa bar for brunch. This makes a perfect morning of the Kentucky Derby drink bar as well!

What You’ll Need

  • Bottles of Champagne or Prosecco – plan on two drinks per guest and since we are filling the glasses only half way with champagne, that will yield about 8 drinks per bottle.
  • Two glasses per guest, or more.
  • 4-6 fruit and/herb garnishes
  • 4-6 choices of fruit juices
  • One dish for each garnish chosen
  • One carafe for each fruit juice chosen

And don’t forget the cocktail napkins!!

Whether it’s for a bridal shower or holiday brunch, some basics apply to all Mimosa Bars: Glasses, champagne, juice, and fruit.

Step One: Select Your Champagne

Select a champagne that is light and dry (because you’ll be adding lots of ‘sweet’ in each drink with juices and fruit.) A Cava or dry Prosecco represent great choices, as well as true champagne – preferably Brut. 

Step Two: Select Your Fruit and Garnishes & Juice Choices

What are Good Garnish Ideas for Mimosas?

Excellent choices include sliced oranges, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and fresh mint. Guest will add a small amount of fruit or garnish to their glass before pouring in the juice and then Champagne so these add a pop of color and flavor to each cocktail.

When you prepare your fruit, slice it thin, and in uniform sizes and shapes and it makes for a prettier display. I’ve left tips on some strawberries here for interest.

Fresh mint makes a wonderful, colorful and fragrant addition.

What are Good Juice Choices for Mimosas?

For juices, orange juice is the traditional mimosa addition, and mango, cranberry, peach, pineapple, and apple give you. wide selection of flavors.

More fruit slices in scalloped bowls

Step Three: Select Your Glasses, Carafes for Juices and Bowls for Fruits & Garnishes

Whether you choose glass or plastic, you will want to use transparent glassware so that all those gorgeous colors and fruits show thru the glass. I have lovely gold, blush, and silver plastic champagne flutes here in the EnFete shop that are super stylish and afforable for large crowds. They will stand up to a party or three. Make sure you count on 2 glasses per guest – those glasses wander off sometimes and you don’t want to have guests hunting down glasses for refills.

Your display can become a beautiful focal point with the addition of a flower arrangement, signs and labels for your mimosa bar that match your theme.

What should I serve the fruit in for a Mimosa Bar?

These adorable white scalloped bowls I snagged on Amazon. I love how versatile they are and I probably will use them for holding sprinkles and other decorations for our cookie decorating at Christmas.

What should I serve the juices from on a Mimosa Bar?

The carafes were also from Amazon and came in a box with dividers I can store them away with. They also have lids so you can store away any leftover juice or fill your containers they night before. You’ll find a lot of uses from these carafes- not just for this Mimosa Bar.

Create labels and tags for your display

I’ve used our Mimosa Bar Print then Cut set to create this display. I used double-sided tape on the front of each carafe to securely fasten the juice labels.

Mimosa Bar printable juice labels in a beautiful floral pattern
Mimosa Bar Fruit, juices and floral arrangement for a spring bridal shower
Mimosa Bar Printables really make your Mimosa Bar stand out – our cheery floral printable set coordinates with our EnFete Original Kentucky Derby Collection

Pin This Mimosa Station How-To for later!

Mimosa Bar Setup How To Infographic

Mimosa Bar Brunch - how to setup with juice carafes and bowls of fruit
Mimosa Bar Guide - complete with a How To Setup Graphic - perfect for spring bridal shower and baby showers, complete with a link to our Mimosa Bar Printables.

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