My BFF is getting maaaarried!

So when your BFF is planning a wedding, AND you just opened a new party decorations shop on Etsy, what else can you do but to help plan the decor!

It started with a picture….of the lovely mossy tree under which the ceremony will be held.  She also sent me a picture of her dress, and I asked her a few basic questions about what kind of party it would be (small, intimate, and outside.) She said she was going to have a flower crown, and the dress is light and casual.

(photo by pure7studios )

This is how we did it 1000 miles apart:

  • FIRST we started with a Pinterest Board that we could collaborate on, and just pin “en masse” all the things that this tree evoked images of, and ideas and things we felt fit the feel of the wedding site and the people (My BFF is a sun loving, outdoorsy, athletic type who loves the beach and most of all HER PEOPLE, aka HER TRIBE.)
  • Think of your party/wedding/holiday as a room you are about to decorate. What is the ambience you want to create – is it imimate and casual or grand and impressive?  Picture yourself standing in this ‘room’ and what kinds of things do you want around you?  Is there glitter in the air, or do is a rustic image developing? 
  • Don’t get hung up on details.  While you search you will likely find specific ideas you want to eventually turn into your decor, but the bigger feel and form of your event is what we are looking to develop in this stage.
  • A theme started to develop, with things that speak of the lowcountry-like setting of mossy oak, shades of ivory and whimsy. Things from outside, nothing stuffy or ornate, but lovely things that feel like they have been collected and around a while (kind of like our friendship.)
  • I started to search Pinterest and Etsy for the keywords I was seeing develop, and that lead to more things to pin, and more ideas shaping.
  • Pinterest is a lovely tool for feedback.  I could quickly see that as we were posting things, which ones she liked, and that could direct where I went from there.  

I was lucky enough to have about 36 hours with my BFF here in DC for business last weekend.  We had so much going on in those 36 hours that in the last 45 m inutes while I drove her to the airport at 5am did we get to talk wedding decor.  We quickly reviewed the theme our board had developed and the ideas that were blooming in my head about colors and textures – shades of ivory, rose gold, cream and NOTHING matchy-matchy.  This is a party to celebrate the union of the love between two people that have hurdled thru alot of things to find the one that makes their heart sing. This will be a time to enjoy a small party with close friends and family, and no one wants to be stressed out! She agreed on the direction we were headed (we’ve been friends for almost 20 yrs, and she’s been to a party or two (wink) that I’ve thrown, and I think she trusts my taste!)  

It’s going to be, the Best Day Ever.

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