Acorns Food Cups (50 pcs)


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Introducing our Acorn with Gold Details Baking Cups; a versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal. These innovative baking cups not only allow you to bake delectable cupcakes in the oven, but they also open the door to a world of creative possibilities. Don’t limit your imagination these cups are perfect for a range of uses beyond baking!

*Crafted for baking cupcakes directly in the oven, providing convenience and ease.
* Beyond baking, explore various applications: assemble candy and wrap in cellophane for charming neighbor gifts or party favors, serve hors d’oeuvres with cut-up veggies and dip, create mini quiches, or fill them with fun snacks. The options are boundless!

In each box set, you’ll receive a total of 50 baking cups, offering ample supply for your culinary endeavors. The set includes 25 cups featuring two coordinating designs * 25 adorned with elegant golden acorns and 25 featuring warm rust orange acorns. This diversity in design adds an extra layer of sophistication to your creations.

Unlock a realm of culinary creativity with our Acorn with Gold Details Baking Cups. From cupcakes to creative snacks and delightful gifts, these versatile cups are the perfect canvas for your imaginative culinary pursuits. Embrace the endless options and let these adorable cups inspire your next kitchen adventure!

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