Americana Script Paper Plate Set

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Celebrate the spirit of Americana with our Americana Script Plates in Red, White, and Blue. This set includes 9 round paper plates, featuring 3 unique designs that capture the essence of patriotic pride. The white plate displays the message “Let Freedom Ring,” the red plate showcases “sweet land of liberty,” and the blue plate proudly exhibits “Stars and Stripes,” all in stunning gold foil script. Measuring 9 inches tall and 9 inches wide, these plates are perfect for serving your favorite dishes during patriotic celebrations.

Product Specifications:

Includes 9 Round Paper Plates: Each package contains 9 paper plates, with 3 plates of each unique design. This provides versatility and a cohesive theme for your patriotic gatherings.
9 Inches Tall and 9 Inches Wide: These plates are generously sized, offering ample space for serving a variety of appetizers, main courses, or desserts at your patriotic celebrations.
Make a bold statement and enhance the patriotic atmosphere of your events with our Americana Script Plates. The gold foil script adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, while the unique designs celebrate the core values of freedom, liberty, and the pride of the United States. Whether you’re hosting a Fourth of July party, Memorial Day barbecue, or any patriotic-themed occasion, these plates will bring a sense of patriotism and style to your table setting.

Get your set of Americana Script Plates today and impress your guests with their eye-catching designs and high-quality construction. Celebrate the beauty of the United States and enjoy memorable gatherings with family and friends. Let the spirit of Americana shine through in every aspect of your celebrations.

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