Bats Food Cups (36 pcs)


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Introducing our Black Bats Halloween Food and Baking Cups, a must-have addition for your spooky culinary creations. These baking cups combine charm and versatility to enhance your Halloween festivities and beyond.

Product Description:

? Unveil the Possibilities: Designed for baking cupcakes right in the oven, these cups open the door to a world of culinary creativity. However, their potential doesn’t stop there. Craft charming neighbor gifts or party favors by adding candy and wrapping them in cellophane. Elevate gatherings with hors d’oeuvres served in these cups, paired with cut-up veggies and dip. Delight in baking mini quiches or filling them with fun snacks. The options are endless, allowing these cups to be your versatile kitchen companions.
? Quantity and Designs: Each box set houses 36 food cups, featuring 18 cups with two coordinating designs. This array ensures you have ample options to complement your theme and imagination.

Design Details:

? 18 cups are adorned in black with a striking white moon and bats soaring across it, creating an alluring and eerie ambiance perfect for Halloween parties.
? The other 18 cups feature a cream base adorned with scattered black bats, adding a touch of mystery to your culinary creations.

Let our Black Bats Halloween Food and Baking Cups take your Halloween celebrations to new heights. Beyond cupcakes, they embody the spirit of the season, allowing you to craft captivating party favors, create memorable dishes, and add a dash of Halloween flair to every aspect of your gathering. Embrace the spook-tacular possibilities and let these versatile cups be your creative companions throughout the Halloween season and beyond.

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