New Year's Eve Confetti Poppers

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Choose these elegant New Year’s Eve confetti poppers for your NYE party or wedding. These confetti poppers are customizable! Filled with your choice of custom tissue paper confetti or purchase AS SHOWN (white, cream, black and copper/rose gold confetti.)   These little push-pop poppers are the perfect Great Gatsby Style Wedding Send Off Confetti! Use for a New Year’s Eve Party – and party in Roaring 20s Style in black and gold! Just push up the confetti and it rains down on your party!!

New Year’s Eve Confetti Poppers AS SHOWN have a gold metallic, black, dark grey, cream and a touch of rose gold confetti with a sprinkle of GOLD GLITTER.

If you want your NYE poppers just like those shown, select “as shown” from the drop-down. For custom colors, select the MAIN color you want from the drop-down, then add any additional colors in the notes box at checkout. Please note in the box if you want gold or silver glitter added to your poppers.

Confetti in so many colors : mint, navy, blush, hot pink, azalea pink, baby blue, burgundy, plum, black sparkle, gold metallic, silver metallic, rose gold, antique gold, dark grey, light grey, cream, rose gold, sapphire blue, teal blue, lavender, forest green, apple green, bright green, red, orange, sunflower yellow, yellow, white, white birch, parchment, brown and black.

Current processing time is 3-5 days.

Please note, these are hand pump action confetti poppers – they are not pressurized. Supervise children when using. Point away from the face.


1) Select either “As Shown” or the main color of confetti you want from the drop-down.

2) Select the quantity that you want.

3) Add to cart

4) List any ADDITIONAL colors you would like in your confetti in the NOTES section at checkout (up to FOUR custom colors) Confetti is square hand-cut confetti made from tissue paper and crinkle-cut paper. (Rose Gold is a combination of tissue paper and mylar.)


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