Trick or Treaters Pink Paper Plate


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Experience a spooktacular midnight feast with the ghouls, courtesy of our Blush Trick-or-Treaters Plates. These whimsical Halloween party plates are set to enhance your eerie gatherings. With their scalloped edges and friendly fiend designs, these plates are sure to send a delightful shiver down the spines of partygoers at your Halloween soirees.

Product Description:

* Enchanting Midnight Feasts: Delve into enchanting midnight feasts with the ghouls, courtesy of our Blush Trick-or-Treaters Plates. These plates seamlessly blend whimsy and spookiness, creating an atmosphere that’s perfect for your Halloween gatherings.
* Friendly Fiend Designs: The scalloped-edged paper plates are adorned with friendly fiend designs, adding a touch of playful eeriness to your Halloween celebrations.

Product Specifications:

* Quantity: Each set includes 8 square scallop paper plates, ensuring an ample supply for your spine-tingling soir�es.
*Gold Foil Accents: These plates feature exquisite gold foil accents that elevate their elegance and capture the essence of Halloween charm.
* Dimensions: Measuring 8 x 8 inches, these plates provide the ideal canvas for your eerie delights.

Elevate your Halloween dining experience with our Blush Trick-or-Treaters Plates. Whether you’re hosting a midnight feast or a haunted gathering, these plates bring a touch of enchantment and spookiness to the table. Embrace the whimsical spirit and let these charmingly eerie plates be the star of your Halloween celebrations, captivating both your guests and your table.

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