Easy Easter Brunch – 7 Easy Ideas – With a Menu and Timeline

7 Ideas for Easter Brunch with a Menu - Holiday Entertaining

Looking for some easy Easter Brunch Ideas? Here’s my step-by-step game plan for how to easily execute an Easter Brunch. This guide will tell you in 7 easy steps how to pull it all together. It includes a timeline to ensure you can pull it all together! Entertaining for a morning event sounds exhausting doesn’t it? When you get started ahead of time, including doing a few key things the night before, you can pull off a morning event seamlessly.

I’ll admit, I get overly ambitious about how much I can create myself for each holiday. 

– Carey

I want to try EVERY Pinterest idea I see each time a holiday rolls around.  I won’t even begin to tell you how much that had increased now that I’m creating holiday and party items for EnFete.  I have to remind myself to pace myself!

1) Write a list of everyone you anticipate sharing brunch with.  Note if anyone has a food allergy or special diet.  We aren’t expected as hosts to make everything safe for those with dietary restrictions, but at least one dish should be available.  (You can always ask the person with the allergy to bring something they can eat as well.)  Do this about 2-3 weeks ahead of your Easter Brunch.

2) Make a simple menu (two weeks out, so if someone asks what they can bring, you know!); write a grocery list, and shop for groceries:

  • 2 drink options (3 if one has alcohol) – this can be water with lemon and juice or lemonade.  Check out my recipe for Adult Lemonade as an option.
  • Hashbrown Crust Quiche or fill a ready-made pie shell with a favorite quiche recipe.
  • Sausage or bacon. (You know, you can cook both in the oven on big baking sheets so you aren’t standing over a greasy stove all morning!)
  • If you want the Easter ham at Brunch, put it in the crockpot overnight!
  • A fruit platter, with extra strawberries.  It’s the time of year when fresh is king!  Strawberries are always popular, and there are so many fun ways to arrange fruit.  See pictures below using a deviled egg plate.
  • Rolls, bread, bagels or a combo – add butter, jam and cream cheese if you want!
  • A simple dessert – why not some cupcakes, or mini strawberry shortcakes.  You can also fill small plastic cups with pudding, add some curled white chocolate and jelly beans to the top, and add my cute Bunny Toppers.

3) Pick a simple centerpiece – get them while out shopping for groceries.  I love tulips and daffodils for Easter, but anything bright and cheerful works.  The best way to take a simple bouquet from the grocery store and make it look great is to put the flowers into a pitcher. (Be sure you give them a fresh cut, and divide the bouquet into thirds and cut the flowers at three different heights for interest, and a fuller look.)  Desserts can be arranged in the center of the table as well to BE the centerpiece. Candies and colored eggs make good centerpieces too.  

4) Get all the plates, serving pieces and silverware out the night before.  Stack it, and your tablecloth or table runner, in one place so you can assemble everything easily.  Don’t forget hot pads or trivets where necessary and serving spoons.  

5) Make sure your drinks are chilled the night before and that you have ice!

6) Set the table before bed.  You’ll thank yourself when you come down and the tablecloth is on and the centerpiece is arranged (sans anything perishable of course!)  Fill a candy dish with goodies!  Take out all the drinkware you’ll be using for drinks too! 

Gluten Free Hashbrown Crust Quiche

7) Wake up, make the quiche and bake, put sausage or bacon on a tray in the oven, and assemble the fruit tray.  Put out chilled drinks, and a pot of coffee.  You are set!  Enjoy the happy morning!

We have WONDERFUL paper tableware in the shop to help you serve up your brunch.

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Let me know if you try my plan.  What do you like?

Please tag me on Instagram – I’d love to see your Easter brunch photos!  
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7 easy ideas for easter brunch, featuring a menu to include a gluten free hashbrown crust quiche.

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