She Found Her Main Squeeze Summer Wedding Shower with Hot Pink, Orange, Lemon, and Bright Colors!

She Found Her Main Squeeze - Now Plan a Citrus-Inspired Summer Bridal Shower with Hot Pink, Orange, Lemon, and Bright Colors!

Celebrate that she has found her main squeeze with this beautiful bridal shower design. “She Found Her Main Squeeze” – a perfect expression of love and commitment! Celebrate the soon-to-be-wed couple with a beautiful bridal shower inspired by citrus hues of hot pink, orange, and lemon yellow. Plan a summer-fresh bridal shower that your daughter, the bride-to-be, will love with ease. As July is the month of the wedding shower, we incorporated the bride’s favorite color, orange, and created a summery color palette that will make the day memorable. Follow our guide and make her bridal shower an unforgettable experience with “She Found Her Main Squeeze” as your theme!

Her Main Squeeze Bridal Shower Welcome Sign - citrus inspired wedding shower in orange, coral, lemon yellow and bright citrus colors.
Welcome Sign in Citrus-Inspired Colors and our Clover Garland

We used LOTS of fresh flowers in summery bright shades – look for those beautiful Hot Pink – Pink Floyd roses, and the orange, peach and yellow flowers, which we combined with tropical greenery. The vine on the welcome board is actually our clover garland – it’s so lifelike it blends seamlessly with real flowers.

Her Main Squeeze Citrus Inspired Bridal Shower with hot pink, orange, coral, and lemon yellow accents.
Elevate Your Bridal Shower with Our Vibrant Citrus-Inspired Table Settings Featuring Hot Pink Cloth Napkins
Citrus Inspired Her Main Squeeze Wedding Shower with hot pink orange and yellow color inspiration- the perfect summer bridal shower color palette

For a crisp and fresh look, we opted for all-white lace table runners to complement the bright colors used throughout the bridal shower. The use of a single, neutral hue added a touch of sophistication and enhanced the summery feel of each table. We tied our White Linen-Like bows on the back of each chair to give a summery vibe.

A Citrus Inspired balloon garland surrounds the happy couple at the Her Main Squeeze wedding shower

I chose to use a citrus-colored balloon garland for this bridal shower theme because it perfectly complemented the hot pink, orange, and lemon yellow color palette. The vibrant colors popped against the white background, adding a fun and playful touch to the overall decor. Not only was it visually stunning, but it also made for a fantastic photo backdrop for capturing all of the special moments and memories of the day. With its eye-catching design and playful spirit, this balloon garland was the perfect addition to our celebration of the soon-to-be bride and her main squeeze. And here she is with her “Main Squeeze” Jack!

A citrus inspired mimosa bar, complete with Wooden Champagne Wall, in cirrus inspired color palette

Make your bridal shower celebration truly unforgettable by setting up a mimosa bar with a “She Found Her Main Squeeze” theme. Featuring vibrant hues of hot pink, orange, and lemon yellow, this citrus-inspired bar is perfect for the summer season. Plan to mix and match different juices, fruits, and sparkling wines to create the ultimate refreshing brunch cocktail. Don’t forget to label the different options with fun and playful signage, using your bridal shower’s color scheme to tie everything together. Raise a glass to the bride-to-be and toast to her finding her main squeeze! We used our Juice Carafes, Wooden Champagne Wall, and our Mimosa Bar Sign from the shop.

Custom Bridal Shower Napkins for a Her Main Squeeze Bridal Shower

Elevate your bridal shower celebration with our personalized pink napkins featuring the bride’s name and the date of her special day. These stylish napkins are an excellent addition to the “She Found Her Main Squeeze” theme, adding a personal touch and making the event even more memorable. Serve up drinks and refreshments in style with these beautifully designed napkins. These are an EnFete original design.

Sip Sip Hooray Mimosa bar orange cocktail napkins with gold foil imprint - perfect for a citrus inspired bridal shower or garden party

Celebrate the bride-to-be with a touch of style and trendiness by incorporating these vibrant “Sip Sip Hooray” napkins, accented with shimmering gold foil. The bold orange color perfectly complements the citrus-inspired bridal shower theme and adds a touch of elegance to your mimosa bar setup. Whether you’re sipping on mimosas or snacking on brunch treats, these napkins are sure to elevate your celebration.

Clementine and Roses Dinner Plates

The dinner plates for this “She Found Her Main Squeeze” bridal shower theme are a gorgeous blend of soft greens and white. Featuring delicate white roses and juicy citrus fruits, these plates bring a touch of nature’s beauty to your table setting. The soft green background provides a subtle backdrop for the eye-catching white roses and citrus fruits, creating a harmonious and stylish presentation. The combination of green and white also creates a sense of calm and serenity, making your guests feel at ease during the celebratory meal. These dinner plates are the perfect addition to your summer bridal shower and will bring a touch of timeless elegance to your table setting.

Lemon Dinner Plates

I wanted to add a pop of color and fun to Kate’s summer wedding shower, so I chose these bright and cheerful lemon dinner plates. With a crisp white background, these plates showcase bold yellow lemons with lush green leaves, perfectly complementing our citrus-inspired theme. Mixing and matching the tables with these eye-catching plates added a touch of sunshine to the celebration and made a stylish statement at each place setting.

White Stemless Wine Glasses

I selected solid white stemless wine glasses as water glasses for each place for this summer wedding shower, adding a crisp summer vibe to the table. These glasses offer a sleek and sophisticated look, with their simple yet elegant design, making them the perfect addition to the citrus-inspired theme. The bright white color adds a touch of sophistication and enhances the beauty of the colorful tabletop. The stemless design also adds a practical element, making them easy to handle during the celebration. These glasses not only provide function but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the event.

Planning games for a bridal shower can be a fun and interactive way to get guests involved in the celebration. One popular game option is the “Would She Rather” bridal shower game. This game involves presenting guests with a list of “Would She Rather” scenarios, and having them guess which option the bride-to-be would choose. These scenarios can range from light-hearted and fun to more personal and revealing, providing a unique and entertaining way for guests to get to know the bride-to-be. To play this game at a bridal shower, use our “Would She Rather” game cards, as a way for guests to record their answers. The bride-to-be will then read the questions aloud, and guests can make their guesses and have a good time playing along!

For an added touch of fun and color at this citrus-inspired summer wedding shower, we filled little clear jars with delicious Jelly Beans and added a pop of color with our personalized citrus-hued stickers. These jars made for the perfect party favor, allowing guests to take home a sweet reminder of the celebration. The combination of the vibrant jelly beans and the playful stickers elevated the overall aesthetic of the event, making it a memorable occasion for the bride-to-be and all of her guests.

As I took down the decorations from the beautiful citrus-inspired bridal shower, I couldn’t resist grabbing a photo of the gorgeous bride-to-be using the matching balloon garland as a photo prop. She was all smiles and looked absolutely stunning. The bright colors of the balloons added such a fun pop of color to the picture and perfectly captured the playful and festive spirit of the day.

Celebrate the happy bride-to-be with a chic and trendy bridal shower that captures the spirit of summer! Inspired by fresh citrus hues of hot pink, orange, and lemon yellow, this celebration is full of playful colors and warm sunshine vibes. Start by planning a beautiful mimosa bar, complete with “Sip Sip Hooray” napkins in bright orange with gold foil accents. For dinner, mix and match lemon dinner plates with white roses and citrus fruits, or opt for all-white plates with bold yellow lemons. Dress up each table with crisp white tablecloths and lace runners, adding a touch of freshness and elegance. Enjoy playing the “Would She Rather” bridal shower game and take home sweet little favors in the form of clear jars filled with jelly beans and cute citrus-colored stickers. And at the end of the party, snap a fun photo of the beautiful bride-to-be surrounded by a bright and cheerful balloon garland, also in a citrus color, to remember this special day!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to recreate this stunning and trendy bridal shower for the bride-to-be in your life! Shop our collection now and make sure to save this idea on Pinterest for future inspiration. Pin this idea today and let us help you celebrate the happy couple in style!

She Found Her Main Squeeze - Now Plan a Citrus-Inspired Summer Bridal Shower with Hot Pink, Orange, Lemon, and Bright Colors!

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