Gluten Free Protein Muffins -Banana Chocolate Chip

So where did this summer go?  I have no idea.  Well, actually I do, but I can’t believe how fast it got up and went. Here’s my ‘secret’ recipe to make delicious gluten-free protein muffins without having to slave. You will love this banana and chocolate chip muffin recipe for busy school mornings – so get ready in August by making several batches and freezing them, they last about 6 weeks frozen. Thirty seconds in the microwave and you have a hot gluten-free muffin ready to go!

My littlest one goes off to her sophomore year of college this week.  I can’t believe that one either.  She will have her first apartment as well (shock three here.) As a celiac, safe food is a priority.  I spent the weekend making big batches of these gluten-free protein muffins to stock her freezer, and here’s my little secret to getting it done in under an hour.  USE A BOX.  Yup, that’s right, there are delicious box mixes out there for gluten-free, but I’ve learned a couple of tricks that make them awesome, moist (insert grimace, as I actually detest that word) and delicious.

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gluten-free protein muffins for a quick gluten-free breakfast

First  start with a box of King Arthur Flour’s Gluten-Free Muffin mix.

Here’s the Banana Chocolate Chip Recipe

You’ll need (items with a * are in the recipe on the box, the rest are my additions):

1 overripe banana, mashed.

*6 Tablespoon of melted butter or oil (I use 5 TSP of butter and 1 TBS of walnut oil)

*3 large eggs  (beat in a dish before adding to the other ingredients)

*1 cup of milk (I used organic coconut milk this time)

4 TBSP of unflavored protein powder, I use pea protein

1.5 cups of chocolate chips

Start by mashing the banana.  I use the paddle attachment for my standing mixer, but you can mash by hand.  

Add muffin mix and all other ingredients except the chocolate chips.  Mix ingredients well, and then stir in the chocolate chips until incorporated.

Pour into a muffin pan lined with baking liners.  I turn one box (plus additions) into 12 heaping muffins.  I like both the look and the texture when I make them a little oversized.

Bake per the box instructions and keep and eye on them!  The butter in the recipe can turn them from lightly browned to BROWN quickly at the end 🙂

Serve them slightly cooled or room temperature.  These muffins freeze very well, just ensure that they are cooled completely first and then put into a gallon freezer bag.

Let me know if you try this gluten free breakfast and if you did anything different to make yours personalized!

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gluten free banana chocolate chip protein muffins for back to school breakfasts

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